The Annual Acting Whipped Cream Fight

Notice the whipped cream on my lens?

Whipped cream is a vital ingredient for finals week for an artistic director and acting teacher at Hammond’s Academy for The Performing Arts.

Amid the stress finals, graduating, or homework, students inacting classes taught by Dan Taube can be found in an annual whipped cream fight on the second-to-last day of school.

    According to Taube, “The tradition started with the first year of HAPA – the last day of school can be a little bittersweet for the seniors and the underclassmen. The acting classes tend to be a very close knit group. So…the whipped cream fight started as a way to be silly and joyful and a good way to keep the tears at bay. It started one year, not knowing we would keep doing it year in and year out.”

The whipped cream fight with my class was the highlight of my last few days as a senior. For a few minutes, you get to be more worried about melting cream in your eyes than your future. It’s a chance to celebrate the relationships created in the classes, and a good way to say goodbye.

I was able to shoot it this year, and enjoyed dodging whipped cream hand fulls. I’m pretty confident that the fight is some of the most care free moments in all of Hammond each summer. It’s nice to see.

WhippedCreamFight3 WhippedCreamFight1 WhippedCreamFight5

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