Photo Challenges

Nature Challenge

Starved Rock Challenge Redo11

This weeks challenge against friend and photographer Jonathan Miksanek was simply “nature.” Limited rules.

I really like my results. I’ve got some pretty decent photos for shooting at noon. After editing my photos using Photoshop, I realized I’m a lot more liberal about my post-processing in Instagram. I decided to go ahead and tone more closely to my Instagram photos instead of trying to be “correct.” I pushed my blacks, played with color maybe too much, and didn’t let the histogram tell me what I should be doing. I shoot around outside a lot, so I let this challenge be more about noticing the details in nature. Sure, I enjoy the landscape stuff, but I was more interested in watching the light on leaves. I was looking for interesting shadows. Abstract shapes. I had fun beginning to end.

Check out Jonathan’s photos here:

Starved Rock Challenge Redo14 LITTLE Starved Rock Challenge Redo12 Starved Rock Challenge Redo10



Self Portrait Challege

fbphotoI’m currently working on a series of photo challenges with Jonathan, a photographer I work with at the Ball State Daily News. The first project was a self portrait. We agreed to one light only. Anything else was game. 

My goals were really simple: get experience using my soft box, play with light, and do a little portrait research. I’d be happy just accomplishing that. 
At some point, I will be doing more challenging, conceptual self portraits, but this challenge wasn’t the time to do it. 

With a little soft box and a speedlite, I started with a sort of Rembrandt-esque technique. The light was angled and relatively close to me, which would create a drop off of light on my face. I thought this would create an interesting shadow I could play with.  

I’m happy with the photo. It’s not any sort of studio masterpiece, but it’s a fun Facebook profile photo, and it  helped me dive a little deeper into portrait photography. I reached my goals, set a small platform for me to jump from, and got myself excited for other portraits. Good thing that was exactly the point. 

Self portraits aren’t particularly easy logistically, so I might need a model to help me out next time.  

I’ll be discussing our next challenge in a couple of weeks. So check back. 

In the meantime, I intend to do a small symmetry project this week. 

You can check out Jonathan and his super cool, artsy entry here.