Russian Street Photos

Here’s some street photos from my trip to the Olympics in February. I sat down tonight to sort through files, and noticed these for the first time. Enjoy.

Irby Russia102214_1






I learned about poi recently.  It’s basically a performance art on spinning stuff. Beginners tend to use socks tied together that are weighted, the college students I shot use some LED poi, and there are some that spin fire. Leaving the bell tower in for context, I got low and shot a long exposure to make the poi blurry and to show off the setting sun. I acquired 27 mosquito bites in about 20 minutes. (I counted.)

Indiana State Everything



It’s been a week of lemon shakeups, various animal poop, and photography. I’ve been at the Indiana State Fair everyday since it started August 1st. I’m working with a group of other students from Ball State in a program called BSU at the Fair. We’re a mobile freelance media group that helps papers with content. If you saw any of my BSU at the Games posts, yes, it’s almost exactly like that. Only most people at the Indiana Fair speaks some form of English.


I’ve compiled some photos that I like that show the diversity in the sort of things I’ve been shooting. There’s been a cheer leading competition, a rodeo, and flat track. I’ve processed some photos in black and white. I’ve done long exposures. The list goes on. If it’s a big deal to Hoosiers, I probably have photos of it.


Irby_0408_08HOOKS Irby_0908_01Cheer DUSTIN Crow of Peoria Ill. Harley placed 24 Rodeo_RyanEdit_Irby Irby_100801 Irby_0408_17pioneerportrait