Taking to the Skies


I spent about three days shooting at the Porter County Fair to prepare for a mobile newsroom I’ll be apart of via Ball State come the Indiana State Fair. I came away with quite a few photos, and I was able to use my GoPro for the first time, which I’m sure I’ll use more later on.

My favorite images came from the Kiwanis Balloon Launch. I’ve included them with some of my other photos. I’ve been to a few hot air balloon events with my family through the years, but never was able to see them so close.

My time spent at the fair made me realize how many opportunities for photos I’ll have. I covered 4-H events ranging from animal judgings to smaller projects, the events going on, interesting people, sunsets, people setting up, and interesting light.

I’m interested in pushing myself for the full 17 days of the fair to produce quality content and different photos each day.

Friend and photographer Jonathan Miksanek will also be working the fair, so we shot together. You can check out his images from the fair here.

Irby_PortCoFair_13 Irby_PortCoFair_14 Irby_PortCoFair_15  Irby_PortCoFair_11 Irby_PortCoFair_12   Irby_PortCoFair_08 Irby_PortCoFair_07

Irby_PortCoFair_05  Irby_PortCoFair_03