Russian Street Photos

Here’s some street photos from my trip to the Olympics in February. I sat down tonight to sort through files, and noticed these for the first time. Enjoy.

Irby Russia102214_1



Winner! Winner!

One of the assignments for BSU at the Fair was to shoot a photo series. I find people who work carnival games to be entertaining and mysterious, so I thought I’d turn the camera to them. Here’s just a few from my complete series. After a week of classes, I’m really starting to miss my daily lemon shake ups and the midway sunsets.Irby 16148Carnival Workers


Irby 16144Carnival Workers _1 Irby 16143Carnival Workers Irby 1108PHOTOSERIES_1
Rust and Growth

Here’s a photo from my backyard. I’ve never actually just shot around in my neighborhood, so I thought a good place to start was my own house.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be heading out to the parks and stuff around my town to work on my personal symmetry project.